Lambard Ledrith

The founder of Ledrith University


Lambard Ledrith is the mythical founder of Ledrith university. He also is a legendary figure within Arcene history. The first known record of Lambard was during the second great dragon war. He was a previously unknown military volunteer who concealed his face behind a mask. This mage displayed incredible spell casting ability. He amazed his superiors with his astonishing knowledge of spell craft and theory. Some legends state than Lambard was able to create spells, from theory stage to practice in a matter of seconds, or that his connection with the weave was so in tune, spellcasters surrounding him increased in power, and non-casters with the aptitude and blood for magic would cast their first cantrips.

After the war, Ledrith founded a small magic shop on a road leading to Eldoradin. Word of this shop spread quickly, and it quickly became the most successful shop within the nation. Lambard began to take apprentices, which turned into a small school, the first alternative to Eldoradin University. The school grew quickly, eventually becoming what it is today.

Lambard Ledrith passed away nearly 500 years ago, the cause or his age at which his death occurred are unknown. His remains are burred within a tomb underneath his trademark throne.


Lambard Ledrith

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