The Forest Queen

The mythical ruler of The Queen's Forest


The forest queen is a mythological figure within the schools lore. She is the cruel wicked ruler of The Queen’s Forest. Her form varies from story to story, some say she is a dryad, corrupted with power, while others say she is a hag, witch, or elf, twisted by the powers of nature. The story varies from one year to another, most first year students are bombarded with terrifying stories by the older students. The most common form of the story involves her luring students into the forest (either by trickery, enchantment, promises of desires filled, etc) and capturing them. She then rips from them their connection to nethyss (or other deity) or plane, rendering them magically lobotomized for the rest of their days. Some forms go onto her making the student her slave, or turning the student into an animal, or her feasting on their still living body (or any combination of the above). There is literally, a variation for every student that passes on the tale.

Most of the older students treat these tales as tools to terrify new students. The Forest Walkers are especially well renown in their ability to use tales of the Forrest Queen to ensure no student (first year or not) travels beyond the emerald river.

The Forest Queen

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