News: Expanded list to four scholarly classes for the gestalt requirement.


In the countryside outside of the city of Eldoradin there lies the town of Ledrith. Ledrith is a distinguished town of scholarship and education, and home to one of the nation’s leading magical universities. Ledrith University is a prestigious magical college, while it isn’t as large as Eldoradin University, it excels in interdisciplinary studies. As a freshman of the class of 4124 at LU, you’ve got a great deal of training ahead of you.

This campaign will take place in the same campaign universe as The Divide, roughly 1000 years in the past. Engadent and Arcene are not currently at war and have open trade routes. Engadent has not yet developed it’s distaste for magic and regularly mixes it with technology. There are still anti-magic zealots, although they are not openly supported by the government.


Each character must be a Gestalt Wizard, Alchemist, Cleric or Archivist each of these classes (including the alchemist and cleric) require spell/recipie/holy books to prepare spells. The second class may be any class out of the pathfinder books or adventure paths. If you wish to play something that has yet to be released or converted, let me know before character creation. Rules for building a gestalt character can be found Here

Optional Rules in Effect:
Character Traits
Hero Points
Altered Vorpal Rules
Black Powder Weapons
Instant Counterspelling

Please see me for information on Hero Points and Traits

Current Roster:
Mitch: Bard/Wizard “Kosh” aka Koshiro Caelmynd
Jakie: Witch/Wizard Silvia Crosswither
Jason: Paladin/Cleric Breen Valuev
Zach: Alchemist/Cleric Gronal

Other Roster:
James: Fighter/Wizard Tharnvar Morandor Best of luck in the marines

Useful websites

The Pathfinder SRD
The Pathfinder Wiki
The God Website of Awesome Ideas

Ledrith University

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