School Rules

1: Casting in the hallways, dormitories or on the campus grounds without the permission of a faculty member is prohibited. Exceptions are made for minor cantrips.

2: Students are not permitted within the Queen’s Forest. Forest walkers are permitted while on patrol, but never beyond the emerald river.

3: Students are required to be in class on time

4: Students are not permitted in the school hallways after 10pm

5: Cheating of any kind will not be condoned.

6: Violence against another student or faculty member is prohibited. Spells may only be cast at another person under competitive dueling and mageball settings and under faculty supervision.

7: Students must respect the authority of faculty members and campus police.

8: School meals are at 7am, 2pm, and 8pm sharp every day. In order to provide speedy service to prompt student, those who arrive late will be served last, if at all.

9: Possession of contraband will be punished according to the severity of the offense.
Contraband includes but are not limited to: Drugs, Alcohol for students under 18, Certain alchemical concoctions, thieves tools, etc.

School Rules

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